Sunday, May 30, 2010

arizona went a lil 2 far!

the new anti-immigrant law is a sign that even in 2010 racisim is still around. the law which allows a police officer to question any one in arizona who looks like an illegal immigrant. the problem with this new law is the main targets will be hispanics and people of color. this law goes against a couple of laws that was made to protect peoples rights. they even want to inforce this law in schools. the sad part about it is states such as california,texas and nevada will most likely follow in arizona's foot steps because they a large amount of immigrants living in those states close to mexico. this will also offend people who arent illegal immigrants and has been questioned. i also think its unreasonable to ask some one for documents to prove they are legal,because no one walks around with their birthpapers,passports etc...unless they are going to travel or somthing. i hope this law is stopped soon before it spreads out to other states. will america ever get deeper and go passed skin color?

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  1. Hi Abbie! You're right that this law appears to violate a number of civil rights laws - there are a number of lawsuits that will be addressing this.

    How is it going with essay 3? Post the sources that you find and parts of your draft so I can give you feedback.